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Vesper Marine AIS update

Posted by Chris Tsang on

Introducing smartAIS for XB-8000

Our latest smartAIS firmware is here

smartAIS from Vesper Marine is an active AIS system with smart alarm logic that proactively alerts you if you have potential collision situations, if your anchor drags, or when it detects a man overboard.

The system is continuously evolving with innovative new features that enhance safety and your user experience. You can automatically update your transponder with the latest firmware using your smartphone or tablet and the WatchMate App.

The latest firmware for the XB-8000 is now available with smartAIS benefits of Collision Avoidance, enhanced Anchor Watch capabilities and much more.

Collision Avoidance

smartAIS proactively alerts you if you have possible collision situations. It uses GPS and AIS data along with smart alert logic to continually monitor collision situations. It computes the closest point of approach and time until the closest point of approach and its smart alarm management organizes vessels in order of priority.





Anchor Watch Enhancements

Get the latest Anchor Watch capabilities with 2 new features: Move Anchor Position and Breadcrumbs. If your Anchor position needs fine-tuning after you have marked it, now you can do that with the Move Anchor Position. Breadcrumbs is a very useful feature as it gives you a history of your vessel position at anchor over time. Great for a quick visual indicator of your boat's swing.






Alarm Profile Management

Choose collision avoidance alarm profiles of Closest Point of Approach (CPA) Alarm and Guard Alarm individually or together. The CPA Alarm sounds if a vessel will get too close in terms of the CPA or time to CPA as specified by you. You can set the Guard Alarm to alert you if any vessel comes within a specified distance of your boat.


Firmware update using WatchMate App

Enjoy the full experience of your smartAIS firmware. The most convenient way to update your XB-8000 firmware is by using your smart phone and the WatchMate App . The next time your mobile device is connected to the internet, the WatchMate App will notify you of the new firmware update. And when you go on-board and your mobile device is linked to your transponder, it automatically updates your transponder with the latest firmware.  You can also update your firmware using your PC or laptop. 

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Download for Linux


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