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Fusion Signature Classic Party Pack Bundle

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OBMG Online's Fusion Signature Classic party pack

Bundle Includes:

MS-UD750 - Colour LCD display marine stereo unit, the top of the range stereo unit with built in dock to charge or hold your phone. USB connection, Bluetooth connectivity, Fusion-link for connecting to your iOS or Android device, NMEA 2000, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

SG-F77W - The classic white speaker system is a combination of elegance and premium audio clarity. It's CURV technology allows for a lighter and stronger cone that blasts high quality sound definition and added resistance to the harsh marine environment. Perfect for inside or the outside of your boat.

SG-S10W - This Subwoofer produces a massive output of 450-Watts, excellent audio resolution and bass reproduction for those low frequency tunes.
Beautiful white finish that blends in perfectly with your vessel.
With a water resistance rating of IP65, the SG-S10W is prepared for the marine environment, with proteciton against dust and water ingress.

MS-CBUSB3.5 - USB and 3.5mm AUX connector for panel mounting. 

SG-DA51600 - Fusion's most efficient and powerful amplifier will take your ears on a journey like never before. It's corrosion resistant housing and incredible 1600 watt peak output will enhance and easily power 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer.
The low battery usage and high output makes this amplifier the perfect unit for the marine environment.

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