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Flir -432-0003-12-00S-M-Series M324L -320 × 240 VOx microbolometer - Thermal and Low Light  -9Hz Pal

Flir -432-0003-12-00S-M-Series M324L -320 × 240 VOx microbolometer - Thermal and Low Light -9Hz Pal

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M-Series Premium Multi-Sensor systems combining a thermal imaging and a low light camera The M-Series combines a thermal imaging camera with a low light camera.
It provides crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and light fog or smoke.
Packaged in a small, ultra-compact gimbal it is designed for the most demanding maritime applications.
The FLIR M-Series  is a perfect tool for night time navigation, shipboard security, man overboard situations, anti-piracy and many other applications.
The FLIR M-Series is the standard for maritime thermal imaging systems against which all others are compared.
Thermal imaging camera and ultra-low light camera
The M-Series is equipped with both a thermal imaging camera and a low light camera.
The M-Series control panel is fully sealed for use in a maritime environment.
Just like the camera itself it meets IP66 standards.
The control knob provides precise proportional speed control.
Use it to have the M-Series look in the exact direction you want.
The JCU Puck functions like a joystick - it can be moved left or right, or fore and aft, and it can be rotated in either direction.
It can also be pressed down (like a mouse click) or pulled up.
It is used to move the Pan/Tilt position of the camera and to navigate through the on-screen menus.
Additional JCUs, which can be used to control the M-Series from different locations on board of a vessel, are optionally available.
The JCU is the primary method of control for the M-Series camera.
It can be used to move the camera (pan or tilt), electronically zoom the camera in and out, switch between the thermal imaging and low light camera, adjust the image quality, and access the on-screen menus.
Camera: 320x240 px - low luminosity

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