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Flir -M400 640 x 480 Vox Microbolometer18° to 6° HFOV / 1.5° HFOV with e-zoom - Non Video Tracking

Flir -M400 640 x 480 Vox Microbolometer18° to 6° HFOV / 1.5° HFOV with e-zoom - Non Video Tracking

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New Multi-Sensor Marine Thermal Night Vision

The FLIR M400 thermal night vision camera is a versatile, high-performance pan / tilt marine camera system designed for best-in-class short and long range target identification. The FLIR M400’s advanced 640x480 sensor delivers crisp thermal video images in total darkness and low-light conditions. An integrated HD color visible camera and tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety.

The FLIR M400 has a continuous optical zoom lens (up to 4X) that allows operators to see other vessels and targets at longer ranges. Active gyro-stabilization ensures a steady image, plus radar tracking and optional video tracking keep potentially dangerous targets in view at all times.

M400 - High intensity LED | FLIR Marine High intensity LED spot light

M400 - HD Colour Lowlight | FLIR Marine HD Color low-light camera with 30x optical zoom

M400 - High resolution thermal sensor | FLIR Marine High resolution 640x480 thermal sensor with optical zoom 18° to 6° horizontal field of view

M400 - Gyro Stabilised | FLIR Marine Gyro-stabilized to ensure steady viewing in heavy sea conditions

M400 - Waterproof enclosure | FLIR Marine Rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure with 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capacity

M400 - Easy to use joystick | FLIR Marine Easy-to-use joystick control unit

Key Features

Radar tracking identifies and tracks specified radar returns, enhancing vessel safety when visibility is low.

Step up to the M400XR with integrated video tracking. Lock on and automatically follow objects as long as they’re in view of camera.

Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) assures a crisp thermal image, even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.

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