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Fusion - MS-CBUSBFM1 -- MS-RA200 Flush mount USB cable with screw cap

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Compact USB Connector

Compact USB Connector

Perfect for use where there is limited space available at the helm making a dock or stereo installation impractical, the MS-CBUSBFM1 features a USB connector with a 1m (3’ 3-3/8”) cable and a rubber seal cap to protect the connector from water and dust when not in use.

Designed for flush mounting at the helm, dash or wherever practical, simply connect any supported Apple, Android, Windows or USB flash drive to the USB connector and enjoy your favorite tunes. Ideal for use with Fusion RA70, RA70N, RA205, BB300, BB100, 650 Series and 750 Series stereos.

Note: Refer to the list of supported devices for the connected stereo before connecting a smartphone or media player.

Product Specifications

Cable Length 1m (3.28 ft.)

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