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Cruising Hydrogenerators

A good management of the energy on board is the key point to sail in total serenity, regardless the consumption of the on-board electronics or other electrical appliances. Watt&Sea's hydrogenerators propose an energy self-sufficiency solution on board of cruise or race boats, in the respect of the environment.

Stemmed from ocean racing research, the first Watt&Sea hydrogenerator gets started in 2008 with the objective of an optimal output associated to a negligible drag, letting the boat sail with a positive energy while loading the batteries. Our hydrogenerator has since then being improved taking into account users' comments, so that we are proposing today an even more reliable and efficient product.

Validated on all seas around the globe, they are the most powerful, reliable and lightest available on the market.

General view

Fastening on the transom...

Watt&Sea's hydrogenerators are usually fastened on the transom of the boats thanks to the fastening kit supplied (adapted to straight and vertical transom). The lifting up and down are similar to a rudder blade's handling. The charge power being so important, it allows to lift the hydrogenerator up when batteries are fully loaded. 
Handling makes it easier thanks to high quality steering : an Antal low friction ring to divide the effort plus a Harken cam cleat to maintain the unit in its position.

… or straight under the hull !

New model POD 600 to be fastened straight under the hull !

Tested since 2014 by a few privileged sailors, this version has been able to demonstrate those useful advantages :

  • invisible
  • no complicated handling up and down
  • easy start-up
  • electrical output is the same compared to classic models

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