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OceanLED -001-500751-12/24vDC Driver for Pro series HD Gen 2 2010 models

OceanLED -001-500751-12/24vDC Driver for Pro series HD Gen 2 2010 models

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Gen2 2010 HD Series Driver by OceanLED®. Whether you're a pro or boating for pleasure, make the most out of your boat and time on the water! Built with the highest quality standards and reliability in mind, every product is designed to suit your specific needs and requirements to maximize your enjoyment on the water. 


12/24v DC Driver for Pro Series HD Gen2 2010 models
Input Voltage: 12 VDC, 24 VDC
Current: 4 Amps, 2 Amps
Recommended Fuse: 6.3Amp, 3 Amp
Three words that express the very essence of OceanLED. Light. Years Ahead. Not just a slogan, it’s their way of seeing the world. It is the driving force behind their history of innovation that continues to drive the company forward. Indeed, many technologies that OceanLED has pioneered are still found in their lights today, some of which remain as milestones in the history of marine lighting. 

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