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B&G-000-11090-001-40/40HV DISPLAY PACK, TRITON/H5000

B&G-000-11090-001-40/40HV DISPLAY PACK, TRITON/H5000

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40/40 HV for H5000/Triton

HVision bonded displays provide ultra clear instrument information with zero condensation. HV Displays store 14 configurable pages, so whether you want to see True Wind Angle, COG or SOG, getting the crucial information in the right place is simple. 20/20 HV Displays are ideal mast displays for yachts in the 30ft to 50ft range

  • Bonded LCD
  • Rapid Update
  • Maximum clarity
  • Lightweight
  • 'White on Black' display
  • Incredibly durable
  • Ocean Proven
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