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OceanLED -001-500733-Colours TH HD Gen 2

OceanLED -001-500733-Colours TH HD Gen 2

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Colours by OceanLED are the first high-powered color change underwater LED lights for boats that allow boat owners to choose the color of their lights from an unlimited color pallet, and now they're even brighter!

Colours utilize the very latest 4-channel RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White) High Definition LEDs. Controlled via DMX-512 through the vessels onboard systems, or wirelessly via third party devices such as an iPad, iPhone or Android, Colours allows you to preprogram more than 40 static and dynamic color scenes to set the mood, enhance an onboard event, strobe to attract fish, or even change color with the time of day.

The Colours Thru-Hull model with the world's smallest hole cut-out for a thru hull light at only 1? and a 1-inch (25mm) profile head make it the ideal underwater light for transom mount applications. Suitable for all hull types up to and over 65' (20m) using 2-6 lights with spacing of 3-5' (1-1.5m) ? for metal hulls, add the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory. Deutsch plug-and-play quick connectors make this light a quick fit.Maintenance is easy; just wipe away marine growth from its scratch resistant Tritonium™ glass lens.

For a color-change light with a lower profile head for hull mount applications, or that can be exchanged without hauling, choose Colours XFM.

Mounting Recommendations Colours TH HD
Boat size up to and over 65' (20m)
Transom / Hull spacing 3-5' (1-1.5m)
Transom quantity 2-6
Maximum hull thickness 31/2" (90mm)
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 8-10in (200-250mm)
Light output equivalent to 250W HID Metal Halides
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC (AC/only) 90-270V AC
Current / Amp draw (AC/only) 110V AC 50/60HZ 1.1A240V AC 50/60HZ 0.5A
Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality) 59' (18m)
Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality) up to 140' (45+m)
Driver type External
Driver size (L x W x H) 360 x 160 x 90mm (143/16 x 61/4 x 31/2")
Diameter of fixture 51/2" (140mm)
Profile (height) of fixture 17/32" (30.8mm)
Total weight including electrical driver 5.5lbs (2.5kgs)
Extension cable length (standard-hard wired to light) 61/2' (2m)
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