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Flir -500-0353-00-Joystick Control Unit

Flir -500-0353-00-Joystick Control Unit

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FLIR Voyager II Joystick Control Unit (JCU) Product Info

These FLIR thermal imaging accessories are the main control interface for your Voyager II thermal camera, giving you access to all the comprehensive features and versatile functionality of the camera. The centerpiece of the FLIR Systems JCU System for Voyager II is its ergonomic, 8-position joystick that controls the pan and tilt of the camera, and you can also activate the thermal imager's zoom function via the Joystick Control Unit. FLIR Systems has programmed several key functions into the JCU, including a night mode (which switches the Voyager II from a white on black display to a red on black display to preserve your night vision), four pre-adjusted Scene modes, and auto-focus functionality. The thermal imaging accessory also incorporates a quick return to home feature that will return the camera to a user-defined default position, helping you navigate in the pitch darkness. Take control of your FLIR thermal camera with the FLIR Voyager II Thermal Camera Joystick Control Unit.

Features of FLIR Systems Voyager II Joystick Control Unit (JCU):

  • Control interface designed for Voyager II cameras by FLIR Systems
  • Controls every aspect of the Voyager II maritime thermal camera
  • 8-position joystick provides smooth, ergonomic pan and tilt control
  • Night button switches display to low-intensity red-on-black polarity to protect your night vision
  • Scene button toggles one of the four pre-set gain and level-adjusted scenes: Man Overboard, Night Running, Night Docking, and Day Running
  • AF button engages auto-focus functionality for the Voyager 2's long range telephoto lens
  • Zoom button activates continuous magnification
  • Home button automatically returns the camera to a user-defined home position
  • Stab toggles the internal active gyro-stabilization system
  • Works in conjunction with AccuPoint on-screen information system
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