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Fusion Panel Mount USB & 3.5mm AUX connector

Fusion Panel Mount USB & 3.5mm AUX connector

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Panel Mount USB & 3.5mm AUX connector


Introducing the MS-CBUSB3.5 Panel mount auxiliary connector, this features a 2 meter (6.5 FT) USB and 3.5mm auxiliary extension cable. 

Perfect for limited space helm configuration where a dock or stereo installation isn't always practical. The MS-CBUSB3.5 includes a rubber seal cap to protect the connectors against the harsh marine environment when not in use.

Connect any support Apple, Android, Windows or USB flash device to the USB connector, while any traditional MP3 or standard media player is connected to the 3.5mm auxiliary socket.

Ideally suited for the MS-AV650, MS-AV750, MS-UD650, MS-UD750, MS-BB100, MS-RA70, MS-RA70N, MS-BB300 and MS-RA205 Marine Entertainment Systems.

Note: Refer to the connected stereos supported device list before connecting a smartphone or media player.

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