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Hella Marine

Hella Marine - 2JA 980 681-001 - LED STRIP LAMP WAIHEKE 12V WHITE - POLISHED 316 S/S BEZEL

Hella Marine - 2JA 980 681-001 - LED STRIP LAMP WAIHEKE 12V WHITE - POLISHED 316 S/S BEZEL

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Waiheke LED Strip Lamp - Stainless Steel Rim

Elegant LED lamps offering class leading efficiency and durability.
Hella marine Waiheke series LED lamps are completely sealed energy saving devices suitable for a wide variety of lighting applications, from interior downlighting to cockpit illumination.

Power consumption is very low at less than 2.0W ( < 0.17A@12V / < 0.08A@24V ) offering substantial energy saving compared to incandescent lighting. The surface temperature is very cool due to their low current draw.

Three different housing designs are available, ideal for direct or indirect illumination duties. The attractive polished 316 marine grade stainless steel rim version offers many innovative design possibilities while the wide rim and ultra narrow lamps can be integrated into different shapes and spaces on board. All Waiheke series lamps provide comfortable colour temperatures in white and warm white with excellent colour rendering performance.

The light colour matches an equivalent Hella marine Rakino series LED downlight for consistent illumination and coordinated ambience throughout a vessel. 500mm of marine tinned ‘twin core’ cable is pre-wired and sealed into each lamp for absolute water tightness and reliable electrical connections.

Hella marine Waiheke series lamps represent the latest in class leading energy efficiency and maintenance free ‘fit and forget’ technology. 

LED 12V DC 24V DC IP 67 UV Resistant 5 Year Warranty
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