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Hella Marine

Hella Marine - 5XA 998 572-001 - 2 GROUP LIGHT DIMMER - PWM

Hella Marine - 5XA 998 572-001 - 2 GROUP LIGHT DIMMER - PWM

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2 Group Light Dimmer

The Hella marine 2 Group Light Dimmer provides precise dimming control for one or two separate light groups.

Sophisticated voltage regulation with a ‘soft-start’ feature to lengthen the life of a filament bulbs. The dimmer also provides low voltage protection against deep battery discharge. When batteries are charged voltage can rise to 14.4V on 12V systems or 28.8V on 24V systems, this can shorten the life of bulbs.

The 2 Group Dimmer increases bulb life through sophisticated internal voltage regulation, ensuring the lighting circuit voltage does not rise above 12V or 24V. As halogen bulbs also have a high inrush current on start up, the 2 Group Dimmer features ‘soft-start’ to further lengthen bulb life.

The dimmers low voltage protection also protects against deep battery discharge. Lights will turn off automatically when battery voltage is lower than 9V on a 12V system or lower than 18V on a 24V system. Lights can be switched on again when the battery is charged and reaches 12V or 24V respectively.

- Precise dimming control for 1 or 2 light groups
- Voltage regulation & ‘soft-start’ bulb protection
- Low voltage battery protection
- 12V and 24V DC

8-28V DC 1 Year Warranty
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