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Hella Marine-AS3 LED Floodlight WORKLAMP 12V/24V Wide/Narrow Beam

Hella Marine-AS3 LED Floodlight WORKLAMP 12V/24V Wide/Narrow Beam

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AS3 LED Floodlights

The heavy-duty workboat industry needs dependable lighting that holds up to demanding tasks and harsh conditions.

Relentless Hella marine ‘test to destruction’ development programmes have lifted product reliability to new levels. AS3 lamps endure the worst of vibration, shock and high impact torture tests. Every aspect, material and component of the AS3 Work lamp has been carefully selected to ensure longevity in the most demanding environments.

Powerful and efficient
Producing 2700 lumens, AS3 lamps offer highly effective illumination with a power consumption of only 45W (Low light output 20W @ 12V; 12W @ 24V).

Fully sealed and salt water durable
Each lamp is a completely sealed IP 6K 9K unit, impervious to moisture and contaminants. The housing features a unique bonded non-stick coating that will not corrode, discolour, peel or flake even under harsh UV and is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals.

Benchmark light distribution
Hella’s optical engineering expertise provides highly effective illumination for working vessels. Option of two light patterns, spread or spot light beam patterns offer a crisp white ‘close to daylight’ 5000K colour temperature. Working under this colour of light reduces the fatigue and eye strain sometimes caused by warmer colour halogen lighting.

Grilamid® is a revolutionary, Swiss made optically clear Polyamide with unmatched resistance to impact and chemical damage. Grilamid® will not yellow or embrittle even after years of exposure to harsh UV radiation.

The AS3 lamp also introduces the new RFCommSafe™ standard. As electronic devices such as LED lamps become more common, so too has the risk of unintended electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can have adverse effects on other sensitive devices such as radios, communication and other electronic equipment. For that reason Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is an increasingly relevant safety concern for many emergency and industrial applications. RFCommSafe™ products are developed to exceed regular international requirements and have proven to not interfere with other electronic devices.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand Hella marine AS3 lamps carry a 5 year warranty.

LED IP 67 HD Grilamid Lens UV Resistant 12V DC 24V DC 5 Year Warranty RF CommSafe
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