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Hella Marine

Hella Marine HID (Xenon) Floodlights - External Ballast

Hella Marine HID (Xenon) Floodlights - External Ballast

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More light, greater safety, less power consumption, longer life and proven reliability in tough working conditions.

Hella marine HID floodlights use a D2S Xenon bulb that provides up to 5 times the service life of a traditional halogen bulb. Due to advanced ‘Free Form’ reflector technology, Hella marine HID floodlights have 2.5 times the light output of halogen floodlights.

HID floodlights produce a white light very close to daylight, with a greater range and extremely wide deck illumination. The safety benefits of increased natural white light include easier viewing in dark working conditions and dramatically reduced eye strain.

A compact 12V or 24V DC electronic ballast provides constant levels of light output, even if the vessel’s voltage supply fluctuates by up to 10%. In addition, HID floodlights place less strain on the vessel's electrical system than halogen deck floodlights - total consumption is 42W - 35W for the bulb, 7W for the ballast

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