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Ocean LED -3010 TH HD Gen 2 White/Blue/Green

Ocean LED -3010 TH HD Gen 2 White/Blue/Green

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Pro Series HD

3010TH-HD Gen2

The original Thru-Hull with the world's smallest hole cut-out for a thru hull light at only 1 is now brighter again ? the 3010TH HD Gen2 model is 43% brighter than its predecessor by exploiting the next generation of High Definition LEDs from Cree.

With 10,000-fixture lumen brightness and a 1-inch (25mm) profile head make the 3010TH the ideal underwater light for transom mount applications. Suitable for all hull types over 65' (20m) using 4 or more lights with spacing of 3-6' (1-1.8m) ? for metal hulls, choose the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory. Deutsch plug-and-play quick connectors make this light a quick fit. Maintenance is easy; just wipe away marine growth from its scratch resistant Tritonium? glass lens.

Mounting Recommendations 3010TH HD
Boat size over 65' (20m)
Transom / Hull spacing 3-6' (1-1.8m)
Transom quantity 4+
Maximum hull thickness 31/2" (90mm)
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 10-12in (250-300mm)
Light output equivalent to 2 x 100W HID Metal Halides
Fixture Lumens* (total light output from a finished fixture) 10000
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC 90-270V AC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 12V DC 10A24V DC 5A
Current / Amp draw (AC/optional) 110V AC 50/60HZ 1.3A 240V AC 50/60HZ 0.6A
Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality) 72' (22m)
Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality) up to 165' (50+m)
Driver type External
Driver size (L x W x H) TBA
Diameter of fixture 529/32" (150mm)
Profile (height) of fixture 113/64" (30.6mm)
Total weight including electrical driver 6.6lbs (3kgs)
Extension cable length (standard-hard wired to light) 61/2' (2m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 1" (26mm)
Material Aluminium

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