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SunWare - Solar Panel TX-Series TX 11027 17 Wp

  • $ 298.61 USD


The small module TX 11027 with 17Wp is intended for use on cover or spray hood to recharge or trickle charge the 12V battery.

Simply attach the module to a textile fabric and the charge controller such as FOX-220 to the battery.

All around a textile mounting flange is sewn to the module. In the edge you can, for example, Tenax fasteners or 10mm eyelets been set. Alternatively, you can also sewed a velcro, zipper or a beaded profile.
  • 17.0 Wp Power
  • 1.00 A max. charging current
  • 4-5 Ah daily yield
  • 668.0 x 333.0 x 6.0 mm
  • circumferential mounting flange
  • 3m connection cable

Technical Data

Name Value Unit
Pmax 17.0 Wp
Imax 0.90 A
Umax 18.89 V
Uoc 22.8 V
Isc 1.00 A
no. of cells 36 pcs.
Cell sizes 52.0 x 52.0 mm
Length 668.0 mm
Width 333.0 mm
Name Value Unit
Textile edging width 46mm
Sys. Voltage 12.0 V
back plate 3.0mm Sandwich
Cable outlet on frontside
Cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
Cable length 3.0 m
Color weiss/white
Package Einzelkarton/sngl. box
Weight net 1.0 kg
Weight gross 1.5 kg

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