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VAKAROS - Atlas 2 Sailing Instrument

VAKAROS - Atlas 2 Sailing Instrument

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Atlas 2

Say hello to the ultimate sailing instrument. Centimeter accuracy with the only L1 + L5 GNSS on the water. A compass that measures in tenths of a degree. Wireless charging, nearly a week of battery life, and so much more. Just wait until you see what the Atlas 2 can do.

Tougher than ever.

You’re sailing faster and faster, and your gear needs to be able to handle whatever happens. That’s why we designed the Atlas 2 with an advanced polymer case and wireless charging. Water simply cannot get in. And it is completely unaffected by saltwater, heat, cold, and UV. The super-tough Gorilla Glass screen will stand up to as many wipeouts as you can take. Want proof? We cover the Atlas 2 with an industry leading 2-year warranty.

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Visual cues from anywhere

When your instrument simply reports heading and speed to you, there is no need for next-generation indicators. But the Atlas 2 has things it wants to tell you. Important things like how many lengths to the line. Fun things like when you just set your daily max speed on that killer rip. That’s why the Atlas 2 has an array of 7 LEDs and 2 powerful speakers designed to get your attention and keep you informed. And there is more to come. This much is sure; you’re going to LOVE the capabilities we’ve got planned for the Atlas 2.

Order the Atlas 2 today and get the future of sailing technology. Equip your boat with industry leading L1+L5 GNSS GPS accuracy, beautiful high-contrast displays, and more. The Atlas 2 is the best tool to supercharge your sailing experience.

In the box:

  • Atlas 2

  • Mount

  • Qi Charging pad

  • Carrying case

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