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BEP  - 80-911-0009-00 - CZONE OUTPUT INTERFACE c/w CONN & BOOT


  • $ 1,154.81 USD

Output Interface (OI) with connector & protective boot


The Output Interface provides an intelligent replacement for traditional circuit breaker and fuse panels. It has six high power, robust output channels which provide the power supply, control and fusing for a circuit as well as integrating many other built in features such as timers and dimmers. Connection to the unit is simple: a large 6 way plug allows connections to cables of up to 16 mm2 (6AWG) in size, or multiple smaller conductors. No need for specialised crimp terminals and expensive crimp tools to be carried for terminations to CZone, just a blade screwdriver. A protective flexible boot offers protection to the connections from harsh environment conditions.

  • 4 levels of backup fusing including manual override (as required by ABYC).
  • Multiple channels can be bridged together to offer higher current switching.
  • Small, non-metallic, easy to install case.
  • 6 x 20 amps circuits.
  • Programmable software ‘fuse’ sizes.


Each in Package Height (in) * 4.6
Each in Package Width (in) * 6.1
Each in Package Length/Depth (in) * 9

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