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Flir -432-0002-02-07S-Voyager II Thermal Imager

Flir -432-0002-02-07S-Voyager II Thermal Imager

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  • Crisp thermal images from dual 320 x 240 thermal cameras
  • Continous zoom
  • Integrated long-range daylight / low-light camera with continuous zoom
  • Advanced gyro-stabilization
  • Radar Tracking and Slew-to-Cue
  • Optional Video Tracking
  • Optional Temperature Indication
  • Optional Surveillance Mode and Picture-in-Picture


    • Navigation
    • Collision Avoidance
    • Man Overboard Recovery
    • Fire Detection
    • Vessel in Distress Detection
    • Anti-Terrorism
    • Vessel, Crew & Passenger Protection
    • Long-range Detection of Inbound Vessels, Day and Night

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