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SunWare - Solar Panel TX-Series TX 14152 17 Wp

  • $ 337.26 USD


The solar module TX-14152 is ideal to recharge the battery in the winter storage. When mast is standing just shackle the upper D-loops to the halyards of jib or mainsail. Orientated to the south. Attach the lower D-loops to the reling, front- or backpulpit with a rope. Give tension on the halyards - done!

FOX 062 charge regulator included!

The module now hovering a few meter above the deck, free of partly shadings, oriented steeply - perfect for winter sun. So steep that leaves and dirt slide off the module or be washed away by the next rain.

The TX-14152 is the ideal battery charger when boat is not in use for long-term and the batteries must be maintained .e.g. for winter storage.
  • 17.0 Wp Power
  • 1.00 A max. charging current
  • 4-5 Ah daily yield
  • 750.0 x 275.0 x 6.0 mm
  • 10m cable lenght
  • 4 D-loops on strap ends


    For the electrical installation, lead the 10m cable to the interiour and stuck it into the charge controller FOX-062, attached to the package. Detail information about the regulator FOX-062.

    During winter, the battery will be loaded and maintained by the solar system. Due to the much longer live of the batteries, the solar system will pay for itself quickly

    The TX-14152 is sufficient for up to 400 Ah (12V) battery capacity.

    The D-loops are sewn to the strap - ultimate load 500kg. The module is sewn only at the top to the strap. At the lower edge the strap is just guided, so that the forces of stress and strain of the strap shall not be conducted in the module (similar to fix-/floating beering in mechanical engineering). Also, the cable is secured to the module by an additional strain relief.

    To avoid violent swinging in the wind, additionally the module may be braced laterally.

Technical Data

Name Value Unit
Pmax 17.0 Wp
Imax 0.90 A
Umax 18.89 V
Uoc 22.8 V
Isc 1.00 A
no. of cells 36 pcs.
Cell sizes 52.0 x 52.0 mm
Length 750.0 mm
Width 275.0 mm
Name Value Unit
Textile edging width 46mm
Sys. Voltage 12.0 V
back plate 3.0mm Sandwich
Cable outlet on frontside
Cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
Cable length 10.0 m
Color weiss/white
Package Einzelkarton/sngl. box
Weight net 1.0 kg
Weight gross 1.5 kg

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