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SunWare - Solar Panel TX-Series TX 42052 200 Wp

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So far, rollable or foldable modules were always available only with low-power thin-film solar cells. Thus periode is now over.
With the TX series SunWare now offers foldable modules based on crystalline high-performance solar cells with an efficiency of up to 18,5%.

The TX-42052 is a 4-leaf solar module with textile surround. Thanks to the textile joint it can simply be folded to small transport dimensions of 385 x 1164 x 55mm.

Each wing of this module works independently!

This particular electrical interconnection set up by SunWare causes when an element is shaded, the other wing produce full power further on.

For example, when the spray hood where the two-wing module was mounter was folded together, just hang the module over the railing. Almost no matter how the boat is to the sun, the sun side of the TX-42052 always produces full charging current.

If the space is not sufficient for the 4 wings, you just fold the fourth wing to the rear and has the full power of 3 wings.

Panel bag is in scope of delivery.
  • 200.0 Wp Power
  • 12.00 A max. charging current
  • 48-60 Ah daily yield
  • 1164.0 x 1590.0 x 6.0 mm
  • seawater-tight cable plug
  • seawater-tight cable socket
  • 10m UV-resistant cable
  • Textile edge with Tenax fasteners
  • Tenax bases enclosed
  • panel bag included

Technical Data

Name Value Unit
Pmax 200.0 Wp
Imax 11.00 A
Umax 18.18 V
Uoc 22.8 V
Isc 12.00 A
no. of cells 144 pcs.
Cell sizes 52.0 x 156.0 mm
Length 1164.0 mm
Width 1590.0 mm
Name Value Unit
Textile edging width 46mm
Sys. Voltage 12.0 V
back plate 3.0mm Sandwich
Cable outlet on frontside
Cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
Cable length 0.4 m
Color weiss/white
Package Einzelkarton/sngl. box
Weight net 8.6 kg
Weight gross 14.4 kg

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